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    January 30, 2019
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BELLS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT STATEMENT OF REVENUES, EXPENDITURES AND CHANGES IN FUND BALANCES-GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS FOR THE YEAR ENDED AUGUST 31, 2018 Total Total Local and Intermediate Sources State Program Revenues Federal Program Revenues 8,153 S 1,050,491 S 3,914,538 2 5 2 8 10,079,645 Instructional Resources and Media Services Curriculum and Instructional Staff Development Guidance, Counseling and Evaluation Services Student (Pupil) Transportation 1 9 General Administration Facilities Maintenance and Operations Data Processing Services Principal on Long Term Debt Interest on Long Term Debt Bond Issuance Cost and Fees 5 Facilities Acquisition and Construction Payments to Fiscal Agent/Member Districts of SSA Other Intergovernmental Charges 10,362,959 Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over OTHER FINANCING SOURCES (USES): Capital Related Debt Issued (Regular Bonds) 4 5 Premium or Discount on Issuance of Bonds Transfers Out (Use) Total Other Financing Sources (Uses) Net Change in Fund Balances Fund Balance September 1 (Beginning) Fund Balance August 31 (Ending) 2,325,405 S 876,988 11,441,007